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'Brighton Art Fair '

'Palace Art Fair '
Fulham Palace

Aldeburgh Contemporary Arts
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More of my work for sale can also be seen on this website:

More paintings can be viewed on 'myspace'
(Click on 'my photos' when you get there)
Paintings and drawings from the 'StoneEye, Orford Ness Project 2009'.

Rupert Mallin is a poet and artist whose blog is always interesting!

Annette Rolston is an artist/printmaker who makes quite stunning, thought provoking work:

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Mike designs and builds websites - to see examples of his work go to:

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A group of poets and artists that I am associated with. Many of the poets involved in the Paston Letters project belong to this group

I am a member of the Norwich Print Fair

I have designed the book jacket illustration for Ben Moss's new book, 'Four Funeral's and a Wedding'. Ben is an old friend and as it turns out, a very skilled writer. This link gives full details and where it can be purchased: